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Life is Too Short to Have Boring Hair!

Don’t you agree? Every girl needs to love herself, and practicing this self-love starts with a desire to take care of your hair. I mean, who doesn’t love the fresh feeling after getting your hair done? 

So, let’s begin with how my services are set up. Each service includes one bowl ($10 per additional bowl) based on your overall hair volume and length. We offer an abundance of varying hair services that you can read about below. Let’s get started!

My Services



A French colouring technique, the Balayage starts at $65 (price may vary depending on hair length and volume). We will sit down for a consultation beforehand to assess your hair and pricing for one of my favorite services that I offer/get to work my magic on!

~ appt. time - 1 1/2 - 2 hours ~


Partial Foil

This service includes the same additional bowl fees. This is mainly used on clients who have been in my chair before and do not need their whole head done. With behind said, I’m most likely not going to use more than one bowl so you are looking at an amount of $65. That does NOT include toner or cut.

~ appt. time 1 1/2 - 2 hours ~


Full Foil

This service as well includes the same additional bowl fees. This is pretty self - explanatory. I will go in and color each foil depending on how light you want to be. This as well does not include toner or cut. Starting at $65.

9/10 times I use more than one bowl.

~ appt. time 2 1/2 - 3 hours ~


Brighten Me Up

*Considered a maintenance appointment*

This is mainly for my blonde girlies out there! Do you ever feel like you don’t actually need your hair all the way done? Aka you don’t want/need to bleach it but you want your blonde brighter like it was the first time you got it done?! This service starts at $20. That includes one bowl of toner, wash, blow dry and style!

~ appt. time 45 mins- 1 hour max ~



This service comes with a cut, wash, blow dry and style!

• Kids $12

• Men $14

• Women $22

Dusting $8

Olaplex Treatment $20 & Up

** PLEASE notify me in advance that you are getting this service done so I can add on extra time to your appointment! **

~ appt. time 20-30 mins ~